Get Free Dino Stickers Thanks to the Bronx Zoo

I don’t know too many boys and girls that would refuse free stickers and of dinosaurs on top of it all. Well, this is exactly what the Bronx Zoo is offering to anyone that takes the 20,05 seconds it takes to fill out their short form. Do you know a little one that would like dinosaur stickers?

Click Here to Claim Your Free Dino Stickers

This original offer, which is available to citizens of Canada and the United States, is meant to promote the Dinosaur Safari that is being presented at the Bronx Zoo. This safari includes all sorts of paleontologist-style activities like digging for fossils and more interestingly a trip back in time to take a look at some mechanical dinosaurs. Visit the zoo’s official site to learn more.

Also, read these Bronx Zoo reviews from and to find out what people have to say about this activity. You never know, it may be the vacation activity for the entire family that you have been searching for. Either way, you can still get some free stickers out of it.

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