New Brandsaver Coupons Are Coming

Some new coupons are set to be released from on March 20th, so make sure to pencil that date down on your calendar or to set an alarm in your smartphone. Discounts of a total of $70 are available on most of Procter & Gamble’s popular products. Save dollars on brands such as Covergirl, Duracell, Herbal Essence, Pampers, Time, Bounce, Cascade, Pantene, Charmin, Bounce and many more.

Click here to Claim your Brandsaver Coupons

If you are a bargain hunter like me I’m sure you will appreciate these as much as I do. The reductions are always for a good portion of the price, making it definitely worth your while. In the meantime, there still are plenty of coupons to pick up, simply head to P&G brandSAVER’s page, including rebates from Crest, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Head & Shoulders and several more popular brands.

Also, as you probably know there are plenty other great sources for printable coupons in Canada. Simply head to our Printable Coupons section to consult a selection of hand-picked deals or to use our practical APIs.

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