Receive An Aerius Kids Free Sample

In exchange for people filling a short survey in their Facebook page, Aerius Canada are offering free trial size samples of their Aerius Kids syrup.

Click Here to Get Your Aerius Kids Freebie

Meant to provide efficient relief from seasonal allergy symptoms, this product is said to offer fast and effective relief without causing any drowsiness. With a bubble gum taste, not only is this product’s dosage adjusted for kids but it also has a taste that should help parents to actually get their kids to take the syrup.

As a kid, I remember my parents giving me banana flavoured medicine, that even though it tasted super-artificial, definitely encouraged me to accept it when I was sick. And if you ask me, bubble gum flavour sounds much nicer than banana.

Fine print: Limit of one trial size per person. You will only receive an Aerius® Kids’ trial size in exchange for completing a quick four-question survey. As per provincial regulations, Quebec residents are not eligible to receive a trial size in exchange for completing the survey; instead, they will receive a discount coupon (redeemable by mail) applicable to the purchase of any Aerius® product. Trial size and coupon are only available while quantities last or until November 11th 11:59 p.m.

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