Score 50GB of Free Cloud Storage with Box

Once again, the ante has been upped in terms how many gigabytes you can get with a free cloud storage service. Box has decided to offer a whopping 50GB for life to anyone who downloads or upgrades to its recently overhauled app for iPhone and iPad.

Click Here to Enjoy this Freebie from Box

The most recent iteration of this app, version 3.0.0, is said to have been completely rewritten to offer an improved (smoother and faster) navigation as well as a practical preview experience feature.

The biggest catch related to this freebie is that it is only available to those who own an iPhone or iPad (that runs on iOS6 or iOS7). Other than that, Box have been generous enough to let people who already used this app–prior to this release–take advantage of this great offer.

Please visit Box’s support section to learn more about this freebie and how to make sure you claim it properly. Basically, just make sure to confirm your email address on your iPhone or iPad and not your computer. Otherwise, you won’t receive this upgrade offer.

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