3 Free Samples From Riversol

Like creams and moisturizers? Don’t like trying new products and finding you don’t like them and then being stuck with a big tub you wasted money on? If your answer to those two questions was yes then this freebie will get your attention.

This freebie comes from Riversol and the samples you will be getting are:

– Hydration Daily Cleansing Cream;
– Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer Cream;
– Protective Serum containing Vitamin C & E.

You have to do a bit of work to claim this freebie. This involving a quick survey, after all there needs to be a reason to hand out free samples. It doesn’t take long to complete but it will take a month and a half at the least for the sample to arrive at your place. And be sure to put a real email address in the survey (you can use your secondary account for this) as they send a confirmation email. The survey is being hosted at survey monkey rather than their website which might surprise some users, but it is quite a popular survey hosting website.

Click Here to Get Your Free Riversol Sample

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