Get 25 GB of Free Storage with Hubic

You can now add a new name to the ever-growing list of free cloud storage services: HubiC. What makes this one different from its counterparts? Simple. The 25 GB of free storage that come with its basic option.

Click to Get Your 25 GB of Free Storage at

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about a plethora of other similar services such as Dropbox (2GB), amazon cloud drive (5GB), box (5GB), Google Drive (5GB) and SkyDrive (7GB), but as you can see, none of these come close to HubiC strictly in terms of free storage capacity.

Available for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and BlackBerry it is said tick most of the boxes in terms of what we have come to except from these storage services. With it’s rather basic set of features, this product enables users to download and upload files manually, view existing files (as well as rename, move, copy and delete them) and to create a link to share specific files.

The main thing it is said to lack is the availability of a full-featured desktop app. This being said, HubiC should be a convenient tool for most users who simply want to store and share files.

Do you use a cloud storage service? If yes, which one?

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