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At What A Bloom, shoppers are able to choose from an extensive selection of flowers, plants and gift baskets for all occasions. Based in Toronto, this Canadian online flower shop is said to have an impeccable customer service. Use these promo codes and instant discounts to save on orders.

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The fact that this company keeps most of its activities in-house is said to offer customers more affordable products as well as a superior after-sale service. A good indication of this statement is that this enterprise has a complaint ratio of less than 1% -- and this, while delivering over 40,000 orders on a yearly basis.

This can be explained by the way in which most online flower stores work with a multitude of smaller shops, which don't all necessarily offer the same quality of customer service and thus resulting in potentially higher customer complaint rates.

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About What A Bloom:
This company first started out in 2000 with the goal of becoming "Canada's National Flower Shop". While this Toronto-based enterprise has not reached this goal yet, it is doing a lot of the right things to attain it. For example, its wide selection of flowers, plants and gift baskets is entirely available for next day delivery throughout the country, and this, at affordable prices.

As the holder of three patent pending inventions, What A Bloom aims at revolutionizing the floral industry by offering faster delivery while using a central location (Toronto) as a distribution center, instead of following the lead of most other enterprises in their niche and using an extensive network of flower shops.

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