TripAdvisor now offers visitors the possibility to book stays as well as flights on top of offering the largest offering of travellers' review, which originally made this site's success. By negotiating exclusive deals with other sites, enables travellers to save up to 25% on hotels and accommodations.

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People that used this site in the earlier days may be wondering what is the point of having a store page for it, but the fact that throughout the years this enterprise has started negotiating exclusive rebates on accommodation and flight reservations make it an option worth exploring prior to completing bookings.

On top helping travellers find discounts and reviews for specific destinations, this site also does a great job of offering a bunch of practical information about these, including free travel guides and helpful stats. Please note that to access the free travel guides section, users need to become members (this is free).

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About TripAdvisor:
This site, which was launched in 2000, aims at helping travellers plan the perfect holiday by featuring over 100 millions reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, restaurants, vacation rentals, packages, travel guides as well as well as flights. Throughout the years another dimension has been added to this site's range expertise, by taking another step further and helping users find the cheapest rate for their flights and accommodation bookings.

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