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Tingo is an online hotel booking service that differentiates itself from other websites within its niche by guaranteeing rates, reimbursing customers automatically in case of a price drop -- even searching for free upgrades for their clients. Learn more about this website's promotions, coupons and advantageous policies.

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Extra 5% off Hotels

Enjoy an extra 5% off most hotel bookings at Tingo.com.

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Up to 48% Off Las Vegas

Save up to 48% on hotel bookings in Las Vegas with Tingo.

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Up to 60% Off

Get up to 60% off a hotel booking by claiming one of the many Hot Deals available at Tingo.com.
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Best Prices Guaranteed

Get the best prices guaranteed, free room upgrades and money back if price drops.
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Tingo Reviews

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The in-depth TripAdvisor reviews and ratings for each hotel and rapid search engine available at this website are usually really appreciated by travelers. But considering that these features are also at one's disposal on other websites such as Expedia.ca and Hotels.com, what really helps this booking service is that it goes a step further by providing as much information as possible about a property as well as its approach towards price-drops and making sure clients get to enjoy these.

More precisely, every time a user selects a hotel, a really specific date will be made available to them, detailing how many times prices have dropped for that property in the last week and how much on average this has saved clients.

Since it was launched, Tingo has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, The New York Times, ABC News -- all of which have praised this service for offering travelers the opportunity to get hotel discounts as well as to take advantage of price-drops.
Let us know what you think about Tingo.com
Please take a few seconds to share with other online shoppers valuable feedback about past experiences using this online hotel booking service. Note that this website don't release actual codes, their special offers come in the form of link-based offers. In other words, there is no promo code box to lookout for since deals should be automatically applied.
About Tingo:
Part of the TripAdvisor family of websites, this hotel room booking website was launched in 2012 and is said to be the only service of its type to automatically re-book and refund customers in case of room rate drops. Even though this only applies to hotels with a money back guarantee, Tingo has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch. Using TripAdvisor ratings and hotel reviews, this helps clients get a lot of practical information about their potential accommodations before booking.

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