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Ten Tree is a brand that makes stylish apparel for men and women with an environmental twist. Planting ten trees every time they sell an item, this company also makes sure that all of their clothes and accessories are produced responsibly. Use our coupons to save on select orders.

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TenTree.com Reviews

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This brand's biggest appeal is that not only does it have a purpose, it also offers stylish garments that people actually want to wear. Even though a lot of energy is put towards planting ten trees each time an item is purchased, a tremendous amount is also dedicated to designing apparel that is both durable and comfortable.

To learn more about this organization, shoppers can watch this clip from its appearance at the Dragon's Den where they turned heads with their powerful pitch and responsible business model.

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About Ten Tree Apparel:
Since being founded in 2011, this Canadian organization has been one of the fastest growing responsible apparel brands. Reminiscent of Toms Shoes' One for One policy, Ten Tree has a Ten trees are planted for each item purchased policy, which aims at preserving local tree species in vulnerable parts of the world. These regions include Ethiopia, Haiti, Burkina Faso, India, Madagascar, Philippines, Senegal and Tanzania. Plus, they ensure that all their clothing and accessories are produced responsibly,

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