Sunny Sports Coupons provide their customers with a vast array of unique camping and hiking must-have products through a mail order service. The ease of use of their website combined with the sheer amount of products available ensure that outdoor enthusiasts are perfectly equipped for their next trip.

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Most shoppers will appreciate the shipping and handling calculator feature available in the Shopping Cart as it provides precise information about how much each orders should cost. Consequently preventing surprises.

There are some aspects of the website that could do with improving to make them truly great (like what we think of their competitor REI), and this would be how they list and display their products they carry. There should be more options for sorting, for example on ratings, customer feedback and comments, star ratings, by sub genre etc. But this usually comes when the store get's more visitors making it more worthwhile.
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About Sunny Sports:
Sunny Sports is becoming an increasingly popular destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their popularity has improved since their website redesign, making it even easier to shop at their store. Other interesting initiatives include a weekly special and regular promotions and featured items which have proven to be extremely popular with customers, some of these discounts are what we call 'loss leaders' where the store actually looses money on these products in the hope that the customers will either become a reoccurring customer or will purchase more items at the same time. One of the aspects about this store that we like is that they are slightly unconventional; having sections like 'pet gear' for example and extending their product warranties far beyond that of their competition (up to 120 days).

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