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Mozy is one of the best online solutions to back up home or work computers. With an easy to use interface, reliable service and customer support. Learn more about this website and its deals below.

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256 MB additional Storage

If you get referred by an existing member, you get 256 MB additional space on the free 2 GB account. Click here this Activate this Discount & Open Website

Mozy Reviews

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It is highly recommended to compare several companies when deciding who to use for online backup. Several companies offer similar services and have loyal advocates. Mozy should be seriously considered though as there is no doubt that your data will be safe with this company. It isn't necessarily the most user-friendly storage service as it isn't the most intuitive but it definitely excels at what it's meant to do.
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About Mozy Backup:
Since it was founded in 2005, Mozy has won many awards for its online back up service. Learn more about the several accolades this service has received from Mashable, the Wall Street Journal and many more. Whatever back up service users are looking for (for either a Mac or PC), going with Mozy seems like a safe decision, as this company has a strong reputation and has been in the back up business for several years.

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