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Hertz is a car rental service and below shoppers will find the latest promotional offers and coupons for this company's official website: Hertz.ca. Save on weekly and weekend car rentals thanks to these.

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Most Popular Hertz Coupons

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Up to $35 Off Hertz Rentals

As a CAA member enjoy up to $35 off a weekly or weekend rental at Hertz.ca by using this code.
Coupon: 170273
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Up to $25 Off Hertz Rentals

Use the following promo code and get up to $25 off ($5 per day) on a weekly or weekend rental at Hertz.ca.
Coupon: 107203
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Up to $25 Off a Day

Enjoy up to $25 off a day at Hertz.ca if you're between 20 and 24 years old by using the following code.
Coupon: 144314
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$5 Off One-Way Rentals

Get $5 off a one-way rental from or to the airport by using this coupon at Hertz.ca.
Coupon: 156730

Hertz Reviews

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The reviews found online for Hertz Rent-a-Car go from very positive to negative, as it is often the case. But having been in the car rental business for over 90 years, this company cannot be all that bad. There is simply too much competition in this field for a company to succeed for so long, like Hertz has. Plus, Hertz.ca does what it is supposed to do, enable you to book a car in a matter of seconds.

Let us know what you think about Hertz
If you want to share your shopping experience at Hertz.ca, do it by using the star rating system available above. To ensure that you actually enjoy your discount, look out for the section at Hertz.ca called Make a reservation and click the button where it says: 'I have a discount' and a space that says "Submit Promotional Coupon", this is where you will need to paste the code found on this page.
About Hertz.ca:
Hertz is global car rental company that has been around for nearly a century. It is now present in over 150 countries worldwide with more than 8,500 locations - mainly in North America and Europe. Hertz.ca is the company's main website for Canadian customers, but they can also use Hertz.com as it is the exact same website. Hertz is a company that pioneered many trends that are now the norm in the car rental industry, like the renting of cars itself as well as putting locations at airports. Check out all of Hertz's accomplishments since this company was first founded in 1918.

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