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G Adventures, formerly known as Gap Adventures, offer adventurous travel and tours in over 100 countries and over a thousand custom trips to choose from. They practice sustainable tourism, eco tourism mostly of the backpacking style, but trips can be costly as the itinerary's are vast and unique.

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Coupon Listings

See this handy list of all the current and changing G Adventures promo codes.
Adventures Under $995
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$50 Off Flights

Save $50 when you book your flights by April 30, 2015.

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20% Off Svalbard Cruises

Enjoy 20% off cruises to explore the Svalbard Express.

Code: G15XVSENX20
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10% Off Arctic Cruises

Enjoy 10% off cruises to explore the Arctic.

Code: G15ARC1
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10% Off Arctic Cruises

Enjoy 10% off cruises to explore the Antarctic.

Code: G15ANTARC10
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Pick Your City

Get 15% off Rail use code: "G14RAILTRIPS", 15% off Australia and New Zealand use code: "G14OCEANIA", 15% off Egypt and the Middle East use code: "G14MIDDLEEAST", 15% off China use code: "G14CHINA", 15% off Sailing use code: "G14SAILING", 15% off Africa use code: "G14AFRICATRIPS", 15% off Family use code: "G14FAMILY", 15% off Europe use code: "G14EUROPE", 15% off Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands use code: "G14GALAPAGOS", 15% off Active use code: "G14ACTIVE", 15% off North America use code: "G14NAM", 15% off Arctic use code: "G14ARCTIC". Book by December 31, 2014 for travel by July 31, 2015.

Code: NS20AUS
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20% Off Australia

Get 20% off selected trips to the Northern Territory and/or South Australia when you book by December 31, 2014 for travel by July 31, 2015.

Code: NS20AUS
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20% Off Australia

Get 20% off Australia.

Code: NS20AUS

Unreliable GAdventures.com Codes

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15% Off Antarctic

Take 15% off any trips to explore the Antarctic aboard the M/S Expedition. Simply use this code.
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15% Off West African Cruise

Save 15% on select West African cruise adventuress at G Adventures.

Code: DSXVCMDX1213
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20% Off the Burgunbdy Canal Boat Tour

Use this code to save 20% on the Locla Living: Burgundy Canal Boat tour in France.
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Adventures Under $995

Have a look at a selection of G Adventures tours under $995 using this instant promo.
Adventures Under $995
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12 Days of G

Enjoy great daily deals as part of the 12 Days of G sale at G Adventures.

25% Off Last Minute Travel Packages
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25% Off Select Amazon Trips

Book before December 31st, to save 25% on select Amazon trips.

Code: G14EBBAMZ20
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15% Off Thai Sailing Trips

Book before December 31st, 2013 to get 15% on the following Thai sailing adventures: ATSA, ATSH and ATSK.
Code: G14TSAIL15
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$150 Off Peru

Book before November 15th, get $150 off trips to Peru valued $1000 or more at G Adventures.
Code: G13EBBPERU150
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Jordan Sale

Book before November 30th, take advantage of rebates of 15% off select Jordan tours.
Code: 15JORDAN2013
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15% Off Trips to Southeast Asia

Take 15% off select trips to Southeast Asia with the travel codes: ABCB, AGCA, ATBH, ATCM, ATRC, ATSS and AVRL.
Code: DSSEAEAP0313
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$100 Off

Book your flight and get $100 off your booking.

Coupon Code: G13PLUSAIR100
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15% Off

Save 15% on select Himalayas tours.

Code: DSHIMALL0513
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15% off

Get 15% off select Mayan tours.

Code: DSMEALL0313
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15% Off

Get 15% off select Morocco tours.

Code: DSMRALL0313
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15% Off

Save 15% on select Europe tours.

Code: DSESALL0313
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25% Off Last Minute Travel Packages

Using this instant promo get 25% off Last Minute Adventure travel packages at G Adventures.
25% Off Last Minute Travel Packages
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10% Off Peru Tours

Book before December 31st and enjoy 10% off all Peru tours.

Coupon Code: PERU102013
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25% Off West African Cruises

Enjoy 25% off West Africa Cruise "Cape Town to Dakar" early bookings at G Adventures.
Coupon Code: G12WAEBB25
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25% Off Mediterranean Sailing Tours

Book a Mediterranean sailing trip before Oct. 11 at G Adventures using this code and get 25% off.
Coupon Code: G12MEDSAIL25
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20% Off Galapagos Islands

Book a Galapagos G3 tour before August 31st at G Adventures using this code and get 20% off.
Coupon Code: BZ-GTH15
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15% Off Turkey Tours

Enjoy 15% off Turkey tours booked before July 30th by using this discount code.
Coupon Code: BZ-TKY15
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20% off Burma Tours

Save 20% on Burma tours bookings (tour codes ATBT and ABCB) using this code.
Coupon Code: G12BURMA20
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15% Off Jordan Tours

Enjoy 15% off Jordan tours booked before Aug 15 by using this promotion code.
Coupon Code: BZ-JOR15
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15% off Africa Tours

Enjoy a 15% discount on African Overland tours with this promo code.

Coupon Code: BZ-AO15
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15% Off Thai Sailing Tours

Take 20% off Thai sailing tours for a limited time only.

Coupon Code: BZ-THAISAIL20
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15% Off Biking Tours

Get 15% off select biking tours (valid only for tour codes ESSB, NUBN, CCB) using this promo code at G Adventures.
Coupon Code: BZ-LL15
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15% Off Local Living

Get 15% off local living tours (valid only for tour codes EITD, EINT, CGLL, EIST) using this promo code at G Adventures.
Coupon Code: BZ-LL15
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15% Off Trekking Tours

Get 15% off trekking trips (valid only for tour codes EFMB, DCAM, SPCM, EATC, DTKM) using this promo code at G Adventures.
Coupon Code: BZ-TRK15
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20% Off Golden Ring of Russia

Get 20% off Golden ring of Russia tours (valid only for tour codes ACZJ, CRPJ, DAPS, DKVK, ATPC) using this promo code at G Adventures.
Coupon Code: BZ-RUS15

G Adventures Reviews

[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12 style='oxygen_gif' average_stars='oxygen_gif']
Using the G Adventures website is actually a quite simple and pleasant experience. It is quite easy to navigate and it is loaded with exciting "off the beaten path" trip options and helpful resources. GAdventures.com is a reference in its field of expertise and there's a good reason for it. Its selection is unmatched and the reputation of its customer service is impeccable. Some of my friends booked with GAdventures a few times and they absolutely loved it.
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If you want to share about your shopping experience at GAdventures.com, do it by using the star rating system available above. To ensure that you actually enjoy your discount look out for the space in the G Adventures Review & Confirm section that says "enter promo code", this is where you need to paste the code found on this page.
About G Adventures:
You can find exclusive travel voyages and itinerary's when you book adventure vacation packages at Gap Adventures. They are one of the world leaders in online adventure travel. Offering world famous trips in destinations like Peru, Costa Rica, Africa, Egypt, the Galapagos islands, India and Thailand.

The most common complaint about G Adventures is the pricing of its tours which to be quite high. But considering the tours and destinations offered at GAdventures.com, it takes a great deal of organization to offer safe all-included tours. Most of these tours could be completed individual without any third party, like G Adventures, managing everything. But that would require all lot of time, a certain dose of incertitude and risk. So G Adventures really offers hassle-free experience, and that has a price.

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