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At Air Canada you can Book flights, make a car rental reservation, purchase airline tickets, book hotels or even find vacation packages. Customers can't go wrong when dealing with Canada's largest full-service airline. Find great promotional codes to use at and learn valuable information about this airline below.

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Active Air Canada Coupons

[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=305]

15% Off

Get 15% off select flights within Canada.

Code: CFXR88T1
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=307]

Aeroplan Miles

Book a flight before March 17, 2015 and travel before May 31, 2015 and you can get your share of 10 million bonus Aeroplan Miles.

[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=306]

Up to 25% Off

Save between 15% & 25% on your purchase for travel between May 13, 2015 and May 27, 2015 for all travel to Toronto YYZ airport.

Code: E7NKW7R1

Unreliable Codes

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20% Off

Get 20% off all Air Canada rouge flights to the U.S. and Europe as well as sun destinations, including connecting flights from anywhere in Canada. Book by December 30, 2014.

Code: 2015SAVINGS
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=304]


Get 10% off flights fromOttawa to Quebec.

Code: QUEBEC10
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=303]

Red Deer

Get 10% off flights to Red Deer, Alberta.

Code: RedDeer1Year
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=302]

Cyber Monday Sale

Get 15% on Your Next Flight to Anywhere in the World with tango and Flex Fares. Travel from January 12 to June 15, 2015. Blackout period for U.S. and sun destinations: April 1 to April 7, 2015. Book by December 1, 2014, at 11:59 pm.

[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=301]

10% Off Code

Spend over $500 on gift cards before Dec 1st and get a 10% off promo code for your next flight.

Click here to Activate this Discount & Open Site
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=296]

Car Upgrade

Get a free car upgrade. Limited time only.

Code: UCAA001
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=299]


Enjoy travel to Barbados with $65 off Flex fares.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=273]

10% Off

Save 10% on Tango and Flex Fares from Air Canada for travel to destinations within Canada and also between Canada and U.S.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=298]

15% Off Tango

Save 15% on Tango fares and when you travel between Gander and any destination in Canada.

Code: GANDER15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=297]

15% Off

Get 15% off economy and premium economy fares to select Asian destinations.

[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=294]

30% Off

Save 30% on Tango fares and save 10% on Flex and Latitude fares when you book by June 29, 2014.

[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=293]

15% Off

Get 15% off all flights using air Canada and air Canada rough from London Heathrow to Edinburgh and Manchester to Canada.

Code: UKCDA15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=292]

20% Off

Get 20% off all flights to honolulu. Travel before April 30th, 2015.

[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=291]

15% Off

Get 15% off Air Canada internal flights. Book before April 21st 2014. Travel before Dec 15th, 2014.
Code: 15SPRING
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=290]

20% Off Bermuda

20% off your next flight to Bermuda. Book before April 18th 2014. Travel before May 15th, 2014.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=289]

15% Off Canada Flights

15% off your next flight to anywhere within Canada for travel until April 30, 2014.
Code: SOCHI2014
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=287]

Business Class Deals

Save on Business Class fares at Air Canada.

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[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=285]

15% Off Select Flights to Asia

Take 15% off International Business Class fares to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul for travel from June 22 until September 5. Book before February 4th.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=284]

15% Off Code

Enjoy 15% off Tango or Flex fares within Canada. Book by January 22nd for travel between January 22nd and April 16th.
Code: SKY15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=283]

The World is on Sale

Through January 13th, get 15% at Air Canada as part of the World is on Sale event.
Click here to Activate this Discount & Open Site
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=281]

15% Off Code

Enjoy 15% off Tango, Flex or Latitude fares within Canada. Book by December 4th, 2013.
Code: 15WINTER
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=278]

15% Off U.S. Code

Get 15% off Flex fares to select U.S. destinations. Book by October 31st, 2013.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=276]

Canada Sale

Book by October 10th and get great deals for travel within Canada.

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[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=277]

15% Off Code

Get 15% off Tango and Flex fares on flights between Red Deer and the Air Canada network. Book by October 2nd, 2013.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=274]

10% Off Executive Class Lowest fares

Book before September 13th, 2013 and get 10% off Executive Class travel to the Caribbean and Mexico.
Code: SUNFUN10
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=271]

15% Off

Fly anywhere within Canada and enjoy 15% off with this code until August 29th 2013.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=270]

15% Off Select Sun Destinations

Save 15% off Air Canada fares to the Caribbean and Mexico. Book by August 29th, 2013.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=269]

20% Off

For travel between July 10th and October 31st, save 20% off Tango, Flex, Latitude and Executive First Lowest and Flexible fares from Canada to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai.
Promo Code: ASIASALE
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=267]

10 Off

Enjoy 10% off Executive Class Lowest fares for flights within North America when you book for 2 travellers. For travel between June 24th and September 3rd.
Promo Code: OFFER2
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=266]

5% Off

For travel between June 4th and September 3rd, 2013, save an extra 5% off Executive Class Lowest fares for flights within North America for one traveller.
Promo Code: OFFER1
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=261]

15% Off Flights

For travel between April 1st and May 31st, fly anywhere in Canada to the USA and save 15% off tango fares.
Promo Code: SPRING15USA
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=260]

Holiday Deal of the Day

Enjoy a surprise deal of the day until December 19th .

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[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=259]

$10 off eBoutique

Spend $50 or more at the Air Canada eBoutique and save $10 off your order.
Promo Code: eBoutique10
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=257]

15% Off US and Canada Flights

Book before November 15th to save 15% off Tango and Tango plus flights between the US and Canada. Must travel between January 8th and February 12th, 2013 .
Promo Code: WINTER15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=258]

10% off North America

Enjoy 10% off on Executive class fares within North America when you book before November 19th. Travel between December 22nd,2012 and January 6th, 2013 .
Promo Code: SNOW10
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=257]

15% Off US and Canada Flights

Book before November 15th to save 15% off Tango and Tango plus flights between the US and Canada. Must travel between January 8th and February 12th, 2013 .
Promo Code: WINTER15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=255]

20% Off select Asia flights

Travel between January 8th and April 15th 2013 and save 20% off Tango flights to Beijing and Shanghai.
Promo Code: FX6XJ3Y1
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=254]

15% Discount off select Flights

Save 15% on select flights within Canada when you book before November 1st.
Promo Code: HALLOWEEN15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=253]

20% Off West

Book by October 16th a flight during the month of November within Western Canada and get 20% off your ticket.
Promo Code: WEST20
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=251]

15% Off Code

Use this code by October 8th and save 15% on flights within Canada for travel between January 8th and February 15th.
Promo Code: EARLYBIRD15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=247]

15% Off Discount

Save 15% on select Western Canadian flights when using this coupon.

Promo Code: PROMO19SEP
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=244]

50% Discount

Book by September 7th and save 50% on one way trips between Toronto's Billy Bishop airport and Montreal.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=242]

15% Discount

Book by September 3rd and save 15% on all flights within Canada and select US destinations.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=238]

$50 Off British Columbia

Book by August 31st and use this code to take $50 off select one way trips between select British Columbia cities.
Promo Code: BC50
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=240]

50% off Select U.S Cities

Enjoy 50% off one way trips to select U.S cities from Ontario or Quebec. Book by August 17th, 2012.
Promo Code: USPROMO11AUG
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=237]

15% Off Canada

Save 15% on tango and tango plus flights within Canada. Book by August 8th, 2012.
Promo Code: OLYMPICCAN02
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=235]

15% Off South America

Book by July 30th and use this code to take 15% off all flights to South America.
Promo Code: OLYMPICYD01
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=225]

50% Off Mtl to Toronto Flights

Book by July 16th, use this promo and get 50% off one way trips between Montreal and Toronto.
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=228]

15% Off Asia

Save 15% on select flights to Asia when you book by July 1st, travel between September 3rd and December 15th.
Promo Code: 0712ASIA
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=224]

10% Off

Book by June 22nd, use this coupon and get 10% off all executive fares.

Promo Code: SUMMER10PCT
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=222]

$50 Executive Fares

Book by June 22nd, travel by September 3rd 2012 and save $50 on each direction of your executive fare. Valid for flight within Canada or from Canada to the US.
Promo Code: SUMMER50
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=218]

50% Off Select One-Way Trips to the US

Enjoy 50% off select one-way trips to select U.S. destinations, book by June 18th and travel before December 14th.
Promo Code: USPROMO50
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=217]

15% Off Asia

Get 15% off select flights to Asia, book by June 10th and travel between October 1st and December 10th.
Promo Code: 0612ASIAPROMO
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=210]

5% Off Executive Lowest Fares

Get an extra 5% off Executive lowest fares to select Canadian and American cities using this promo code. Book by May 17th, 2012.
Promo Code: EVERYDAY2012
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=209]

50% Off Eastern Canada

Enjoy 50% off Eastern Canada destinations at Book by May 4th, 2012.
Promo Code: PROMO28APR12
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=211]

15% Off Coupon

Get 15% off a one way trip to Gaspé when you book by May 3rd and travel by June 15th.
Promo Code: GASPE15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=205]

15% Off US and Europe

Book by April 29th for travel from Sept 15 to Dec 14 an Air Canada flights to the US and Europe using this promo code.
Promo Code: USAEUROPE15
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=202]

30% Off Promo Code

Book by April 23rd using this promo code and get 30% off Eastern Canada destinations.
Promo Code: PROMO21APR12
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=203]

30% Off U.S. Promo Code

Book by April 23rd using this promo code and get 30% off Eastern United States destinations.
Promo Code: PROMO21APR12US
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=124]

15% Off U.S. Destinations

Enjoy 15% off select United States destinations using the following promotion code.
Promo Code: SAVE15USA
[ratingsMulti id=3047 pos=122]

50% Off Discount

Get 50% off select cities within Eastern Canada. Book by 9th March 2012.

Promo Code: PROMO3MAR

Air Canada Reviews

[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12 style='oxygen_gif' average_stars='oxygen_gif']
Using is probably the best and easiest way to find deals for this carrier. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful search tool, booking a flight is a quite simple task. Plus, all the latest special offers and promo codes are available for you to shop on the home page. I personally quite enjoy flying with Air Canada, so far I've always had great experiences although I've heard a few bad customer service stories.

Let us know what you think about Air Canada
If you want to share about your shopping experience at, do it by using the star rating system available above. To ensure that you actually enjoy your discount look out for the section where it says "promotion code" once you have entered your flight's information and begin your search. This is where you need to paste the code found on this page.
About is Air Canada's official website where customer can learn pretty much everything there is to know about Canada's largest airline as well as book flights to the 170+ destinations this airline flies to. Air Canada was founded in 1936 by Canada's federal government and was originally called Trans-Canada Airlines. It's in 1965 that this carrier changed its named to the current one and it's in 1988 that this airline was privatized.

Like many other carriers, Air Canada has had it's ups and downs, but it has managed to remain the country's largest airline, operating an average of 1,370 flight daily.

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Charlene OLeary

May 13, 2011 @ 15:44

What a waste of time…tried all of the promo codes and none of them worked. No matter what date was entered this same error message was displayed ” This promotion code expires at midnight in the time zone of the departure city.” What a farce of a company…at least when I used Westjet theirs worked and guess who I travelled with….Thanks for nothing but high prices….:(

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